Beaver Municipal Ordinance Database

BCAR is excited to share with you the Beaver County Association of REALTORS® Municipal Ordinance Database which will give you access to valuable information you need when representing buyers, sellers or investors in the BEAVER, ALLEGHENY or WESTMORELAND counties. You will now have the information for Beaver County that you need to assist your clients in a real estate transaction.

Day or night, you can access real estate-related information like tax records, residential/rental resale, property maintenance, zoning and sign requirements online through these Municipal Ordinance Databases.

It's simple - and free - to access the Municipal Ordinance Database. Simply click here and locate the drop down screen on the right-hand side of the site. Click on the specific county you wish to search then use the drop down below to narrow down the municipality that you would like to check on and you are instantly put in touch with everything you need to know!